technical solutions

email solutions
The core communications platform for all businesses begins with email. Email management locally is a very expensive solution which requires maintenance, updates, manpower, and constant management. GTGweb Technical Solutions offers POP, IMAP, and Exchange Hosting solutions to best fit your business communication needs.

monitoring solutions
GTGweb Technical Solutions offers multiple applications for monitoring your networks at increasing uptime and availability of your systems. Are you often the last one to know when a system is down? Are your customers the first? Do not let your customers update you on outages, be proactive and let GTGweb direct you on how to stay on top of your network.

security solutions
GTGweb Technical Solutions understands security. We have implemented and have patents pending on audio, video, and remote monitoring security solutions. Asset management and intrusion detection should be a top priority for any technology or office systems manager, and GTGweb is prepared with open source and commercial tools to assist in the documentation and monitoring of all systems down to the last installation of software or services.

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