flexible hours, less meetings, i'm in...

I recently read an article on Gen Y taking over the IT work force and what it will look like. Being in my early 40s i am beginning to notice the gap in age between myself and my peers in the industry.

The article by Christine Harper hits a home run with this statement, "We want to be successful in our jobs, but just in a different way. It doesn't mean being in our office every day 9 to 5, it means getting your job done, whatever your job is,".

This is a positive way of rethinking IT. Working 18 hour days and ramming through project after project is not the way to get things done in a manner that is conducive to a positive work atmosphere. Balance between home and work life is the only way to be successful and prosperous at both.

I have seen my generation of workforce work harder not smarter far too often. I am looking forward to this new wave of workers where they focus on getting the job done and not clock watching.

She mentions work related outing and team building.. I have been in both types of atmospheres and it does make for a more pleasurable work experience. The issue we see now is laid off employees are leading to more work to be picked up by the remaining staff with no end in site of relief.

I would challenge you to make a difference in your workplace now and not wait for Gen Y to have to come in and make the change for you. Give Kristine's article a read i enjoyed it and was enlightened.


Have a great week!