Tactical Earpiece gets a make over part II

Six months after my original makeover Tactical Earpiece get a makeover part II. I used the theme Danland from www.drupal.org as the base. I liked the look and feel better of this site combined with Ubercart to create a more friendly customer focused shop.

Initial feedback directly from customers as well as Google Analytic showed customers were having a hard time finding the products and items i tried to feature were not getting any web time.

Average page views increased by 30% and time on site increased almost 2 minutes after the latest changes.

Also with the changes came a Google Voice number and a chat interface to offer more hands on support for sales.

This change has helped to increase sales and web presence. There is a lot to be said about Google Analytic as a tool to help understand customer and web traffic and trends. If this information is put to solid use you can really help your E-commerce site flourish. Let GTGweb show you how to leverage this free service to help analyze your web metrics.

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