mobile me

I am testing my mobile app blog entry this evening. i have recently installed drupal editor on my droid phone and i am liking the droid more every day. i can honestly say the droid is the best smart phone i have ever used.

In austin sxsw is getting ready to kick off and i am excited to see the mobility apps kick into gear. i will be attending several tech events at sxsw and will report on anything exciting i come across.

On a positive note the city of Round Rock is trying to get Google high speed to use the city as a trial in 2011. I will be excited to test the speed of up to 100mbps.

Have a great week!

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Re: mobile me

You have a fan now Abel!! Yay. Ok, my 4G service has really slowed down in the past few days. My thoughts are is the extra demand from sxsw visitors.

I prefer if they would have a "portable device standard" to create multi-platform applications. It would save the manufacturer tons of money developing for only one language and increase customer availability, satisfaction, and do away with sweet deals only available through one carrier. Open it up to all carriers with a single platform to deliver it.

I hope RR gets Google High Speed. Would be nice to have 100 to the net here at home. In Hong Kong they enjoy 100-1Gb to the net for $20/month. Go figure. Good luck with Drupla app.