mini size major price

Mini laptops, netbooks, and the new iPad are becoming a phenom for internet use but at what cost does the mobility come when it is tied to a cellular service contract to achieve the desired results.

I have an apple touch and I can tell you it is a fantastic device. I take it to work, i take it to pick up my girls from school where i have to wait for up to 30 minutes, and i even take it to church as my scripture app has saved me from carry a 4 lb book set. The only issue is once i leave my home it is basically a storage only device unless i can find free wifi somewhere.

Fortunately for me i have mifi card and i have internet in my pocket. It is a work expense device otherwise i would pay $55 monthly to have internet anywhere, so now my $200 touch costs $660 and fees to utilize as intended outside of my home.

The iPad has now launched which is basically a 10" touch and besides the awkwardness of carrying it , not in my pocket around it may be tied to a cellular contract to boot raising the price from $400 to well over a $1000 and it wont even make phone calls.

The net book is our next choice and i received an ad to buy one for only $29 but the fees for monthly access and a two year contract priced the device in the $1800 range for a stripped down laptop.

I am having a hard time getting past the service barrier and i am hoping Google internet may push down the other ISP providers to think competitively and get wifi kicked into high gear, but i am guessing that will be wishful thinking.

Have a great week!