keep it clean

With a soon to be teen aged son in my home and his gang of friends comes curiosity. Being in the technical circle, our home is often used as a LAN based gaming center. We have projector TVs, XBOX 360s, Wii, and a network of computers and internal servers running games from WOW to Half-life.

Being a technical director for an enterprise company i have to be able to monitor all traffic and report as needed. Well now with teens in the house I need to be able to do the same at home as well. I was a design engineer for a retail driven wireless ISP several years back and we used our own home grown web content filtering service. This service would keep patrons from locations such as Schlotzky's and other free hot spots from being able to access sites of an adult oriented nature in the public view.

I often have thought over the years this would be a good service for the consumer and it looks like others have as well. I discovered OpenDNS, . OpenDNS is a service that will redirect your internet requests from your home, business, office to their servers and filter results back to the requesting computer.

There are varying degrees of filtration and they are completely customizable. Now the good news, they have a free version. They have a paid model which can be a good choice if more reporting is needed, but for the home user the free version will fit the bill just nicely.

The filtration is done at the router level which will help keep the smarter IT keen users from defeating it so easily as other solutions like net nanny, etc.

I have recently deployed the solution unknowingly to my teen son and his friends, although i am sure they will find out soon enough. They are a good bunch overall and a little correction and positive direction is all it will take I am sure.

You can read more about OpenDNS at If you would like information or even assistance on how to make the changes I would be more than happy to help.

Have a safe and pleasant holiday!