content management solutions

A new trend in non-profit and reduced staff organizations is content management solutions, Drupal and Joomla are two of the top solutions GTGweb Technologies provides to serve our customers needs.

A content management solution allows you to make changes to your site in an easy to use format similar to editing or updating a word document. The framework and templates are applied by GTGweb Technical Solutions and then you are able to manage the content moving forward which reduces or eliminates web maintenance all together.

GTGweb was recently redesigned utilizing Drupal as a showcase for simplicity and cleanliness in the web 2.0 format. For more information on Drupal please click here.

Drupal also allows the use of themes to be applied, so your team is able to change the look and feel of your website as often as you like or for a set of users as well. Blogs, forums, and FAQ are some of the modules that are already added to the Drupal feature and can be turned on instantly.

A login only access can also be activated and assigned for internal communications or paid services. This allows you the control you need to be able to segregate services or information as your company sees fit.

Please contact us for more information or pricing.