spice it up

I often get calls from peers and clients who ask for a support ticketing solution. The number one criteria in this economy being no to very low cost. Typically you get what you pay for, but fortunately there is a great solution that not only does ticketing but monitoring, inventory, mapping, intranet, and maintenance. The solution is out of Austin and its called Spiceworks.

Spiceworks is the first ad-based networking support tool and its quite complex in design and functionality. It runs on a very typical server, usually a spare and can be set to monitor and collect network data in off peak periods.

I highly recommend the use of the tool for IT ticketing, but that's like saying i recommend a Ferrari for running the grocery store, it can do so much more.

The inventory tab alone can help you manage software licenses, systems applications, and end of life hardware tracking. Coupled with the ability to collect error log data from your hardware solutions Spiceworks can also notify you of pending system outages or hardware failures.

This tool allows for a one to two man shop to do the work of five to six, and in these times of down sizing typically that's how most IT shops are run.

3rd party applications can also be ported to Spiceworks and with the help of a community section of over 750,000 help is only a post away.

Spiceworks is comprised of executives from Tivoli, Apple, and neXt. These players from the tech industry have created a really useful and purposeful tool that I can highly recommend.

You can check out Spiceworks here or you can first preview some videos:

Have a great week!