security solutions

GTGweb Technical Solutions understands security. We have implemented and have patents pending on audio, video, and remote monitoring security solutions. Video security solutions are not just for banks any more. With pending threats to business and office systems, local office security becomes a core requirement for SOX and SAS 70 certifications.

Asset management and intrusion detection should be a top priority for any technology or office systems manager, and GTGweb is prepared with open source and commercial tools to assist in the documentation and monitoring of all systems down to the last installation of software or services.

Typically virus or malware is inadvertently transmitted indirectly to every system in your business without the aid of any office employees. The best prevention against these attacks is to out up a protective barrier and set alerts to manually notify the proper response teams to handle the technology event.

Being proactive can help to prevent catastrophic events such as data loss, data corruption, or total systems outages. Please let us help you to do a security analysis on your systems and sites to help you be prepared for any pending disaster. In the event you are in a post disaster scenario, GTGweb Technical Solutions is ready to jump in and assist you with recovery or data cleanup as well.

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