monitoring solutions

GTGweb Technical Solutions offers multiple applications for monitoring your networks at increasing uptime and availability of your systems. Are you often the last one to know when a system is down? Are your customers the first?

GTGweb specializes in open source and commercial monitoring solutions. Typically open source solutions may be all that is needed to maintain uptime monitoring for your business or local office systems. We leverage over 15 years of open source architecture experience and utilize solutions built on Linux or Unix for stability. The solutions we provide give your team to have the ability to build a dashboard view of your network and set up monitors to present a visual display of your office ad systems connectivity.

GTGweb has the ability leverages commercial applications with tools from Oracle, Empirix, and Cisco for your business monitoring needs. These solutions can measure uptime of applications and metrics to include uptime, speed of service, and throughput of data. GTGweb can also help you to understand your metrics that need to be measured to help you monitor your business solutions or network. GTGweb Technical Solutions has helped design and build several NOC solutions for enterprise class ISP and web services companies, and we will use that experience to help you build a five nines solutions for your company.

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