web maintenance

GTGweb Technical Solutions recognizes once you get your web site developed and deployed there may be some changes or updates that are needed on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Typically your site needs to be refreshed at least once every three months just to make sure the content is relevant to your changing business and to also assist with the indexing of the sites on major search engines. We have monthly or hourly maintenance rates to help you facilitate these changes, so you don't have to carry the staff needed to update your web site.

SEO or "search engine optimization" is a buzz word for making adjustments to your site content or framework to better help search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo! to be able to find your site with key word searches.

GTGweb can apply proven search optimization techniques to help your page get more views and in turn help you receive more revenue. GTGweb hosting allows extensive reports and analytics on site usage and access to help you make the right decisions on page optimizations.

Another GTGweb service is internet advertising. We specialize in Google Adsense and Yahoo ads to help your site ad placements to maximize your impressions and "click through" rates. We can also assist in Google ad placement if you wish to broadcast Google ads as a revenue stream from your web site.

Please contact us for more information or pricing.