technical publishing

GTGweb Technical Solutions carries an expert team in Adobe solutions which allows us to assist your company in the creation of documentation for your business or services.

We are able to help create and deliver items such as instruction manuals, company periodicals, or meeting packets. In some cases, if your team has a marketing team we can provide the templates necessary to have your team make the incremental updates to the solution as well.

GTGweb recently helped a self author take their written manuscript and convert it to a hard bound book, which is now in bookstores for significantly less than traditional publishing houses. GTGweb was able to create the graphics and have the text and book print ready in less than a quarter of the time as traditional houses as well.

GTGweb also has relationship with stateside and foreign publishers to help your mass printing needs for the technical published materials at a competitive price all under one shop. Please allow GTGweb to help create a custom publication for your company that you can then distribute to your customers as an educational or sales service.

Please contact us for more information or pricing.